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You can select how many report results to receive, and when you want to receive error messages about reports, from the Options dialog box.

What you should know

When the query reaches the specified limit, it automatically stops with a warning message. The maximum value you can set is 50,000. The report settings are saved as part of your user profile and apply to Security Desk and Config Tool.


  1. From the home page, click Options > Performance.
  2. In the Reports section, set the Maximum number of results option value.
    This option determines the maximum number of results that can be returned by a query using a reporting task. This limit helps ensure stable performance when too many results are returned if your query is too broad.
  3. Click the User interaction tab.
  4. If you want Security Center to display a warning message every time you are about to execute a query that might take a long time, select the Display warning if query may take a long time to execute option.
  5. Click Save.