Searching maps using correlated records - Security Center 5.10

Security Center User Guide 5.10

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Security Center 5.10
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You can search for records correlated by location and time from the Maps task.

Before you begin

Make sure that your system administrator has granted you the necessary privileges to use the record types you need.


  1. Open the Maps task.
  2. Position the map in the required map view.
    • Click and drag to reposition the map.
    • Use the mouse wheel or the overlayed and buttons to zoom in and out.
  3. Click the Record search Open record search pane button.
  4. Select the record type source you want to search for.
    Drop-down list of system record types.
  5. To correlate your record types by timestamp, select the desired time frame.
    Drop-down list of timestamp options by hour and by day
  6. Click Search.
    The query results are displayed in the search pane.
  7. Double-click a result to zoom in on the map location.
  8. Click a map object of a record type to open the information bubble with the details of the record.
  9. To search a new area with the same filters, change the map view position and click Search this area.
  10. Deselect the Record search Open record search pane button to close the search pane and clear the map.