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If you receive messages from the system, you can review them from the notification tray, and diagnose the trouble entities.

What you should know

You can receive three types of system messages:
  • Health issues
  • Warnings
  • Messages
NOTE: System messages are different from health events related to entities. The only system messages that have corresponding health events in the Health history report are the health issues. These corresponding health events have the Error severity level.


  1. In the notification tray, double-click the System messages () icon.
  2. On the Health issues () page of the System messages dialog box, do one of the following:
    • To sort the health issues, from the Sort by list, select how to display the health issues. You can sort them alphabetically by health event type, event timestamp, machine (computer name), or source (entity name).
    • To open the configuration page of an entity, click the entity. You must have access to Config Tool.
    • To launch the Health history task and view system health events, select a health event, and then click Health history ().
    • To dismiss a health issue, select it, and then click Dismiss health event ().
      NOTE: This option is only available to users with the Dismiss health events privilege. When a health issue is dismissed, it is cleared from the list, and its corresponding health event is no longer considered active. This means that the event is not listed if you generate a Health history report with the Show current health events filter enabled.
    • To update the content displayed on the Health issues page, click Refresh.
  3. On the Warnings () page, do one of the following:
    • To open the configuration page of an entity, click the entity. You must have access to Config Tool.
    • To open the Diagnosis window that provides additional details about the warning, click Details ().

      From the Diagnosis window, you can save the warning as a text file.

  4. On the Messages () page, select a message, and do one of the following:
    • To copy the selected message to the clipboard, click Copy to clipboard ().
    • To clear a selected message, click Clear ().
    • To clear all messages, click Clear all.
  5. Close the System messages dialog box.