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You can view the number of hits common to multiple regions of interest for a specific time period, using the Hits (Multi-region) report.

What you should know

To view your query results in the canvas, you must know how to monitor ALPR events in Security Desk.


  1. From the home page, open the Hits (Multi-region) task.
  2. To restrict your search to one or more specific areas, draw one or more regions in your map as follows:
    1. In the Filters tab, click the Region filter.
    2. Click Switch to map mode.
    3. In the Region filter, click Draw region.
    4. Drag your mouse pointer to create a box.
      A numbered Region box is created.
    5. To resize the region, drag the box handles.
    6. To move the region, hold down the mouse button and drag the box to a new location.
    7. Create other regions as required.
    8. Select the regions of interest.
      To view all the regions you created, click in the Filters tab.
  3. Set up the other query filter for your report. Choose one or more of the following filters:
    Custom fields
    Restrict the search to a predefined custom field for the entity. This filter only appears if custom fields are defined for the entity, and if the custom field was made visible to you when it was created or last configured.
    Event timestamp
    Define the time range for the query. The range can be defined for a specific period or for global time units, such as the previous week or the previous month.
    Hit rules
    Select the hit rules to include in the report.
    License plate
    Enter a full or partial license plate number. To enter multiple license plates, see Filtering a report with multiple license plates
    ALPR units - Patrollers
    Restrict the search to Genetec Patroller™ units (including all their fitted ALPR units) and ALPR units representing fixed Sharp cameras on the Genetec Patroller™ unit.
    Protection status
    Restrict the search to protected or unprotected hit events.
  4. Click Generate report.
    The reads that are common to all regions you have defined are listed in the report pane.
  5. (Optional) To view high resolution images in the Plate image and Context image columns, expand the corresponding column width. For more information, see Customizing ALPR image quality displayed in report pane columns
  6. View your query results in the canvas, in one of the following modes:
    Tile mode
    To show the ALPR event in a tile, double-click or drag the item from the report pane to the canvas.
    Map mode
    To locate an ALPR event on the map, double-click the item in the report pane.


If you must report on all the hits that occurred in multiple regions for a specific time period, you can create multiple regions, and specify the time range.