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Use the Patroller tracking task to replay the route taken by a patrol vehicle on a given date on a map, or track the patrol vehicle’s live position on a map.

The following figure shows the Patroller tracking task.

A Tracking mode. Click this to select the mode you want. Playback mode opens by default but you can click Switch to live to track the patrol vehicle's current position on the map.
B Patrol vehicle you are investigating.
C Map legend.
D Date of the patrol vehicle route.
E The car icon indicates the current patrol vehicle position, and the direction of the vehicle as it moves through the route.
F The blue circle indicates the last ALPR read or hit that was played back in the timeline.
G The patrol vehicle route and ALPR events are laid out in chronological order in the timeline ruler.
H Refresh the screen and generate the Genetec Patroller™ route playback report.