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You can alternate between live and playback video modes from the timeline or from the camera widget in the Controls pane.

What you should know

If the camera is not currently recording (indicated with the green overlay), the Archiver might not be available. However, even if the camera is not recording on the Archiver, the orange bar at the top of the timeline indicates the video that has been buffered locally on your hard drive. Locally buffered video is available for playback.


  1. Switch to playback video mode one of the following ways:
    • On the timeline, click and drag the playback cursor to the left.
      Tip: The timeline scale can be adjusted by scrolling your mouse wheel while hovering your mouse pointer over it.
    • To begin reverse playback, click Rewind () in the camera widget.

      Successive clicks adjust the playback speed from -1x to -100x.

    • To jump backwards in 15-second increments, click Jump backward () in the camera widget.

      The seek value is 15 seconds by default. You can change this value in the Options dialog box.

    • To jump to a specific time in the video playback, do the following:
      1. In the camera widget, click Go to specific time ().
      2. In the Video archives dialog box, use the calendar to navigate through the months and years, and select a date.

        The hours in the day that video archives are available on are shown on the right in a timeline and are indicated by a white background.

      3. (Optional) Switch between Timeline and Thumbnails view.
      4. Click a position in the timeline to jump to that hour in the video recording.
  2. Switch to live video mode one of the following ways:
    • In the on-tile video controls, click Camera > Switch to live ().
    • In the camera widget, click Switch to live ().